Introducing, Chew On This! Chew On This is the most unique and only-thing-like-it company in South Africa that makes these kind of teething toys. Started by a brilliant young mom on a mission, Chew On This is your answer to vibrant, creative and sensory teething toys that moms and babies will love. These are eco friendly, silicone teethers that come in an array of shapes, colours, and designs. So how did Chew On This come about? Tyla Roberts saw first hand the pain her little one was going through teething; the sleepless nights and inconsolable crying. She tried all the conventional and passed down from generation methods . Nothing helped. After noticing that he was biting down on everything and anything he could to receive the pain, Tyla set out on a mission to find the perfect teether. She tried everything - gel filled teethers, teething Mittens, teething pacifiers; you name it. But she still wasn’t sold, and more importantly, neither was her little boy. Then she found a silicone teething necklace, unfortunately the range they had consisted of only two different designs and well they weren't the prettiest looking necklaces and she really didn't want to wear them ANYWHERE, but being the SUPER-MOM that she is, she took one for the team and wore these not so pretty pieces of jewelry, because they were ACTUALLY working! Success! A calm little boy and a relieved mom. But eventually the necklaces wore down and into the bin they went. 

The search was on again. Three weeks later, while on holiday, Tyla finally found THE ideal silicone teether. The colours - bright, and the variety vast, yet still affordable. These toys weren’t only for teething but aided sensory development as well, double win. Back in South Africa, Tyla couldn't believe that this product was not on the market, and so she created and developed her own brand that sells a working teething relief product, proven to provide relief, is affordable, comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours, and assists with sensory development. The perfect teething rings, teething toys ,teething aids,teething accessories,teething jewellery, teething solution for your baby!

Our range features a fantastic range of teething jewellery for Mom

Pram garlands for on the go teething & entertainment in your baby's pram.

Baby Gym & Toys - Organic, Wooden and Silicone custom baby gyms. Assists with Sensory Development and baby Teething Relief

Educational Silicone Teething Toys 

The two in one pacifier clip that doubles as a teether! 

Proudly South African, With Love xx