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As moms we understand the importance of keeping our little teethers teeth in excellent condition. Baby teeth are the route of all adult teeth, to ensure healthy adult teeth we really need to look after those baby ones. 

I often wonder what happens with babies in rural areas during teething, we all know the pain that they go through, imagine having no teething relief aids to assist the process or what about the mommy's that want to use all the right products to care for those little teeth,  but cannot afford them. We all know what this does to us as Mom's, we all want the best for our children, we all want their health to be in excellent condition. This is where an idea was born.

We may not be able to fix all the things that are wrong with the world, we may not be able to fight hunger, or  create proper hygiene or proper housing but we can start with the little things. 

Chew on this has recently started a NPO (Chew On This Dental Foundation) and what we have been trying to do is get donations from many different companies such as Colgate and Aquafresh, for toothbrushes ages 0-2 and toothpastes 0-2, these are perfect for little teeth and the toothpaste is low fluoride, which is much safer for baby to use. We also have been trying to get some teething gels and teething powders from different companies. However as many of you , who have attempted to get donations from big companies know, its not always that easy. Thats why the Chew On This Team donates a monthly fee to the NPO allowing us to go out and buy these products ourselves. 

We have partnered up with a few local clinics in and around rural areas, and how this works is, when your child is taken to one of these clinics for their 6 month vaccine, the nurse attending to your baby will give you a Chew On This Dental Foundation Pack - this includes, the correct toothpaste for the age of your child and the correct toothbrush as well as some teething relief aids and a very informative brochure providing mothers with the correct tooth care knowledge as well as teething timelines. We hope that this will promote early tooth care, and that it will help a lot of teething tots and their mamas! 

Now we cant forget about teething toys! These are also vital to little tooth care.

So for every purchase of any of our teethers, we will donate a teething toy to Chew On This Dental Foundation, and this will be included in the Chew On This Dental Foundation Pack that is donated to the Clinics. 

We hope that this is a huge success and that we can help a lot of teething tots and their moms! 

If there is any way that you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us. We do not accept cash donations but we will accept any toothbrushes and toothpastes that have not been used (only kids sizes from 0-2) and any teething gels and powders that have not been used. The Aquafresh toothbrushes 0-2 are roughly R25 and if we could get one donated every month from each of our customers , we would be able ton assist three clinics in and around rural areas with a substantial amount of packs to hand out. To find your nearest drop off point please visit our website.